Thursday, August 16, 2007

Age shall weary them

a Jesus thought...
He stirs up the people, teaching throughout all Judea, beginning from Galilee to this place. (Luke 23:5)

a Godly thought...
If we remain isolated, untouchable islands of activity, our work will be limited to the parameters of our own expertise, our growth will be stunted to the size of our own budgets and our credibility and reputation will stretch no further than our own backyard. (p123 Bishop)

a leading thought...
Leaders of Christian organisations are among the most disorganised of professionals. There is a reason for this: most entered the ministry because they loved God and loved people, not because they felt gifted to lead. (p224 Blackaby)

a Dave thought...
I have been to numerous conferences over the last 12 months that try and tackle the issues of engaging Gen Y's (born 1980-1994) in the church. In looking at a local setting I see clearly how they become more and more disengaged as they grow up in our military structure.
We have gifted Gen Ys who were once soldiers now having an occasional drink, or not giving so are unable to fill significant positions. So they no longer have a voice and then get frustrated in the decisions that are being made and where the church is heading, which results in an older style church geared to reach an older generation and sometimes driving out the young people at the same time.
I personally have sat on boards as the youth rep in my mid-30s thinking there are people 15 years younger than me that need to be engaged in our decision making.
I would like to encourage leaders across the Salvos to try and engage our Gen Ys get them on our boards take them out for coffee or boost juices but try and listen to them in the hope that our movement may be able to look young again one day.

Just a thought.


jan magor said...

I am constantly encouraged by the youth of our church. Their vision and enthusiasm inspires me all the time. I have the privilege of interacting with them regularly and always come away with my faith boosted some more. Lets not place to much expectation on them just nuture and encourage, they will blow us all away with what they can achieve practically and spiritually.

Anonymous said...

Would you like to engage all gen Y's or just the convenanted ones?

Annie said...

Thanks for listening dave.

armybarmy said...

Hey - The Army can only become a youth movement again if it is growing. That is the only way to make leadership space for younger people.

So, grow. Start some outposts - don't you have a goal of starting 100 in a decade? All of these younger people about whom you speak - pull together about 400 of them and you've got the brigades you need. Hallelujah.