Saturday, August 18, 2007

Commitment to community

a Jesus thought...
And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. (John 1:14)

a Godly thought...
I want to prepare like an evangelical; preach like a Pentecostal; pray like a mystic; do spiritual disciplines like a Desert Father; art like a Catholic; and social justice like a liberal. (Mark Driscoll)

a leading thought...
If leaders always focus on their organisation's problems and weaknesses, then the attention of their people will invariably be drawn there too. True leaders focus on that which is right and on what gives hope, not on what is wrong. (p241 Blackaby)

a Dave thought...
As a a lieutenant I have had the privilege to be committed to one community over the last 5 years. This commitment began in 1989 to the Box Hill corps and over the last 18 years I have held various roles there as a soldier and then I was approached to move on to paid staff in 2000 as a youth pastor, then assistant pastor, and then a lieutenant. Over the last 6 months in my new role of TYS I have struggled to disconnect with this community and probably always will. In this role I am now being asked to consider a commitment to the denomination over my commitment to a local community. So although appointed as TYS I still play a role at Box Hill as Youth Co-ordinator and am a big believer in acting locally thinking globally.
But the day is getting closer for many of us lieutenants to make steps towards commissioned officership, when my commitment to the denomination will be asked to supersede my commitment to my community. There is something special and more importantly biblical about a long term journey with a local community that I will always value and I will always believe is the most effective way to grow the kingdom of God.

Just a thought.


Anonymous said...

Why do we ACT locally and only THINK globally? Can't we ACT globally as well? Just a thought.

Anyway, when I read what you have written, I wondered to myself,how many more communities/individual lives could your family be apart of and transform if God were to call you to another place? He could minister through you in amazing ways!

You have spent years teaching, caring, building leaders... take a moment to sit quietly and look around your Church and really focus on the lives that have been changed through your ministry, the people who are now leaders because of your empowering and guidance. Is it time for them to 'step up'? Maybe God is calling you to 'step out'? Don't be afraid... Jesus never stayed in one place for 18 years and I think His ministry was pretty fruitful!


Lieutenant Dave said...

Thanks Deb I like your take - & thanks for your example of acting globally:)