Friday, October 5, 2007

Corps Cadets

a Jesus thought...
Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you. (Matthew 28:19)

a Godly thought...
If the Spirit is given for us to be released in service, then it is important that we are involved in some service in whatever way we have been "wired up" by the Lord. (p62 Webb)

a leading thought...
Some people want everything to be perfect before they're willing to commit themselves to anything. But commitment always precedes achievement. (p19 Maxwell)

a Dave thought...
Yesterday in the forum at ACC Stephen Court put to the panel a question asking their views on corps cadets. I have been also giving this some thought over the last 12 months. In the late 1990's our territory made a decision to abandon CC and encourage certain bible study material instead. Although I had no strong opinion on this decision at the time looking back I believe it may have been a backward step. Obviously the word of God must be our focus as we disciple our teens but there is also a need to teach SA distinctives. Our theology, doctrine and ecclesiology have lost their clarity as we are encouraging young people in their faith but not in their Salvationism. So as we look at bringing back Corps Cadets I pray that we will still teach the word of God but that we do it in a Salvation Army context and framework that gives our young people a cause to sign up to, as covenanted soldiers.
So if there is to be a Salvation Army going forward then we need to decide what are the non-negotiables we need to pass on to the next generation and secondly we then must deliberately pass them on. So the options are to leave our teenage discipleship material as is and we blend into the myriad of many other christian denominations, or bring back Corps Cadets and teach our teens the scriptures in a SA framework that encourages them to live for the lost, the last and the least.

Just a thought.


Anonymous said...

As a Badge of Merit holder I say bring it on baby. We will also need faithful and mature CCCs (= Corps Cadet Counsellors). Caring CCCs and YPSMs greatly impact young Christians as they mature in their faith.

And let's have more Corps Cadet Sundays! Great training ground for involvement in public worship.

Lt. TYS you are in the seat of power to make it happen. Let's not have the subject of this particular blog disappear into cyberspace without action.

Darren W.(BofM)

Anonymous said...

This is one of the best blogs you have put on screen. I, like the previous commentor hold the CC Badge of Merit. Our Corps had a large group of CC but now after YP there is nothing at all for them to go on to and this is one of the reasons that we don't have the youth at the Corps. We are not providing enough good S Army training for them. It is also another reason for having so many Corps with leadership (or lack of leadership) problems. CC programs provided the training for young people to get involved in SA leadership. You are in the position to make it happen. Bring it on. God bless you. v

Anonymous said...


Bring Back Corps Cadets, train our young people to be leaders.

I observe that in many corps without the great discipleship programs of Junior Soldiers and Corps Cadets we dont seem to reatin the children.

My daughter lives for Junior Soldiers.

Anonymous said...

I agree Dave - we need to teach and train our children.

Bring back Corps Cadets - its the learning that will help them understand what/who we really are.

Anonymous said...

Great to hear!!!

We need programs for our youth which make a relevant link from their personal mission to the distinctive mission of TSA. As God has a specific purpose for our Army, we need to honour that call as a whole body of believers, and nurture our youth to develop their role within God's purpose for the Army.

Keep it up!!!