Sunday, September 23, 2007


a Jesus thought...
What profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? (Matthew 16:26)

a Godly thought...
Faithfulness to received truth and recognised doctrine must always be tested against and authenticated by the willingness to reach out inclusively to all who need God's grace. (p8 Yuill)

a leading thought...
Ultimately a good leadership team is a complementary team where people's strengths are made productive and their weaknesses made irrelevant by the strength of others. (p123 Covey)

a Dave thought...
The other day I was asked how I came up with the name 2Love which has replaced what was formerly known as the Territorial Youth Department. This sub-brand was an idea I came up with while sitting through a conference back in May 2006. As the speaker was simplifying the gospel to the two things that really count in life I came up with 2Love. (see logo to the right)

The reason I believed it was worth putting out there is that it is...
1. Biblical - Jesus commands us to engage in 2Loves-2Love God & 2Love Others
2. Salvo - Saved to Serve, Holiness & Salvation, Heart to God & Hand to Man
3. Simple - Short succinct and summarises our mission in a cool way, number/word

I also wanted to have a strong link to ALOVE which I believe is the most progressive Salvo youth ministry in the world. So we don't always have to pay professional branding and marketing agents as I believe it is our own people that really know what we are about and in time will shape the future.

Just a thought.

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