Thursday, September 6, 2007

Scissors Susi

a Jesus thought...
Peace to you! As the Father has sent Me, I also send you. (John 20:21)

a Godly thought...
When a good deed is performed it pulls that person away from his own self-involved concerns and directs him missionally toward other human beings in such a way that they, the persons acted upon and the person acting, find God in a new way. (p137 Frost & Hirsch)

a leading thought...
A Biblical understanding of discipleship epitomises the wise leader who chooses quality over quantity. (p97 Court)

a Dave thought...
On Tuesday September I made one of the biggest moves of my life. Yes after attending the same barber since 1995 my son and I went and got our haircuts at Susihairko. Even though there is a certain guilt in not going back to my old stomping ground in Blackburn North after 12 and a half years there was a certain freedom attached with moving across to Wattle Park.
I really felt God wants me to connect with Susi more as she has such a great heart and her story intrigues me. I met Susi the owner and hairdresser at a Box Hill Community Tea almost 12 months ago as she was there serving meals, she had some Salvo customers invite her along and obliged. I remember the night well as she had discovered my involvement in setting up Cafe Salvo at Box Hill and asked whether I could set one up near her saloon in Wattle Park. Well the vacant cafe still lies there and she is still keen and brought up the topic again as she cut my hair. She also told me how she now does free haircuts up at the Salvos regularly for many who can't afford it and loves serving others less fortunate than herself.
Susi is one of many who find our attraction is our mission and our focus on others not our church service and our focus on ourselves. Many like Susi are willing to come along and serve others and find through administering grace that they feel closer to God. After chatting with Susi and hearing her story it makes me think that Susi's worship through cutting hair on a Sunday maybe one of the greatest songs God ever hears at our church.

Just a thought.

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Anonymous said...

I think we need to be really aware that church is far more than Sunday Worship Services. Our churches need to be open each and every day and for people to come along to all sorts of things which represent church to them.

Interesting though we still only count the effectiveness of a church by Sunday Worship attendances and I have been involved with a corps that has people worhsipping in many other ways at other times and these are the times that people actually get saved... who knows