Friday, September 28, 2007

Coaching styles

a Jesus thought...
And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive. (Matthew 21:22)

a Godly thought...
Human choices are real and significant and they will result either in our willing cooperation with God's plan or in our stubborn resistance to his purposes. (p123 Yuill)

a leading thought...
Leadership is creating an environment in which people want to be part of the organisation and not just work for the organisation. (p217 Covey)

a Dave thought...
In the Age newspaper this morning it reads...
HIGHLY organised, strong-willed, methodical and possessing a fun side he doesn't reveal to just anybody — that's how Matthew Knights was described yesterday by the people who know and have worked with him.
He is Kevin Sheedy's replacement in the top job at Essendon but will be nothing like him.
"It's a complete change of direction," said Robert Walls, who made Knights captain of Richmond in 1997. "I think from day one, no one will compare him to, or say he's like or is trying to be like Sheedy.
"From the most experienced, publicised coach who had a quote and a story from every press conference, you'll be going to a guy who is young, inexperienced and will certainly not be giving headlines at any of his press conferences.
"He wouldn't be overawed by the Sheedy factor. He's been at the club for a few years and would have a very good understanding of where they're at.
"He's his own man and I think that's really good that there's this strong contrast."
AFL players' union boss Brendon Gale, who used to room with his one-time Tiger teammate when the side hit the road, said Knights had contrasting on-field and off-field personalities.
"There's an old saying — still waters run deep. I think he's one of those guys," Gale said.
"He was a very extravagant, flamboyant and creative player on the field, but off the field, he was a quieter family man. He was married young.
"He's a very reserved guy. He's pretty quiet, but very strong in his principles and values and beliefs.
"He's not going to be a hot gospel-type coach. He won't be a ranter and raver. He'll be pretty careful and considered and measured in his approach."

I find it fascinating how we all have an opinion on the type of leader that takes over a club or organisation and in hindsight many of us try and guess the outcomes and get it wrong. Let us come at this from the biblical viewpoint and judge everyone on the fruit they produce. Coaching is like ministry in the fact that there is many and varied ways to go about it and a certain personality style does not mean fruit. But rather a 100% reliance on God and a willingness to do what He is asking of us regardless the cost is the best style to go with.

Just a thought.


Anonymous said...

Heh! You are right of course Dave, Essendon are going to NEED 100% reliance on God next year to get anywhere... :P

N Young.

Anonymous said...

The "Fruit" rather than the of leadership - hopefully this means integrity, consistency, sincerity, honesty, transparency, authenticity and reliability. What a tragedy when they do not always characterize those who seek to be leaders among God's people. Scripture repeatedly calls us to live a life worthy of our calling. Paul was well aware of the danger Christian leaders face and so he exhorts us to watch ourselves, watch our life, our godliness, our spiritual well-being first (Acts 20:28. 1 Tim.4:12,16). Interestingly, in the New Testament there is a close connection between holiness and mission. The early church was being watched. There lives, work, families, values, and responces to pressure were being watch by the world to see whether all of these supported the radicial message they proclaimed. It is no different for us today.