Monday, July 30, 2007

Father Abraham or Father Damien?

a Jesus thought...
Out of the abundance of the heart your mouth speaks. (Luke 6:45)

a Godly thought...
The mainstream church can make following Jesus boring and irrelevant, sidelining itself to the entertainment industry rather than creating profound social change. (p133 Barker)

a leading thought...
Jesus did not develop a plan nor did he cast a vision. He sought his Father's will. Jesus had a vision for himself and for his disciples, but the vision came from his Father. (p24 Blackaby)

a Dave thought...
In the late 19th Century, Father Damien, a Belgian priest from the Order of the Sacred Heart, sensed a call to go to the poor. He ended up living and serving among the sick on an isolated Hawaiian leper colony. At first Father D would visit the colony, which was blocked off from the rest of society by a huge cliff face. He would arrive by boat, go from house to house providing medicines and then go back to the broader society. This was a huge risk, as the Hawaiians thought the disease of leprosy was so contagious and dangerous it might wipe out their society altogether.

Yet Father D did not stop at service provision. He eventually set up his home in the leper colony and ate with them. He too was banned from wider society. One day in the chapel he helped build, he began to preach, "We lepers." Not long after this he caught leprosy himself. Rather than go back to Europe where he could have had access to a cure, he stayed, because "None of the other lepers had that choice." Father D ended up dying on that isolated island, far from his native Belgium, of a leprosy-related disease.
Now that is what I call incarnational living! I grew up in church singing the song "Father Abraham" just curious if we need to introduce the new hit "Father Damien."

Just a thought.

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