Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Maybe I should start blogging?

Well I am finally joining the blog world! Yeah I have been resisting the temptation for over 12 months but after contemplating again this morning a bizarre thing happened..
I went over for my 6am swim just to be told by a whole group of fustrated gym junkies, fitness freaks & swimmers that there was a gas leak and centre would not open until 9am!! I would normally jog instead but I have a calf injury -so my whole morning routine has been messed up. So instead of being frustrated (which I am) I took it as a sign to start a blog.

A few preambles...
I failed year 12 english.
As I am new to this subculture I may offend some but I will be a 5.55am blogger.
I have an obsessive morning routine which involves reading
1. a chapter of scripture (currently Matthew)
2. a chapter of a religious book (A Generous Orthodoxy by Brian McLaren)
3. a chapter of a leadership book (The Starfish & The Spider)

So I am now adding no. 4 - blog. I am already reading, thinking and praying about these thoughts so I might as well share them to the viewing public.

It may be too routine for some but it will help me get into the blog world so I will share what God got me thinking about this morning via a Jesus thought, a Godly thought, and a leading thought. So here goes...

a Jesus thought...
And whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted. (Matt 23:12)

a Godly thought...
"The way to know God is by following Jesus on that adventure. One doesn't learn what God is like in a library or pew and then begin to love God in real life. One begins to love God and others in real life. In the process one learns what God is like- and one might be driven to the library and pew to learn more." (p207 McLaren)

a leading thought...
The difference between traditional leaders and catalysts is illustrated through Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music & Mary Poppins. Both times she goes into a dysfunctional family and brings order, as Maria she sticks around and runs the show , she is boss, but as Mary when the family can thrive on its own she rides her umbrella into the sunset. (p93 Brafman)

So instead of asking whether we are Mary or Martha maybe we should be asking are we Maria or Mary??

Just a thought.


armybarmy said...

Dave - welcome to the blogosphere. Your leading thought contrasting trad leaders v. catalysts - can't we omit the adjective 'traditional'? It still makes sense.
Where does this lead? The culture is not homogenous. Both (trad or non-trad) leaders and catalysts are needed (in other words, both pomo and modern models can work, depending on the front on which we fight).
I wonder if mountains are being made over mole hills. Your thoughts?

John said...

Looking forward to reading your blog, Dave.

Peace & Blessings


Lieutenant Dave said...

Dear Stephen, (general of the salvo blogosphere)
Yeah good point we can have both it is not just either or. My thought though is we need to acknowledge and understand differing styles of leadership, many catalysts are often misunderstood.

from a lieutenant in the blogosphere

armybarmy said...

Collo - I'll receive that prophetic monicker! :-)
I agree. When the catalysts are pushed out we're stuck with a dead orgnisation. That's why we've got to celebrate and promote those in our midst (like over at our blog all that stuff on the Noland Effect, for example).
Much grace,