Monday, July 16, 2007

Time to get personal

Due to popular demand from many of the leading worlds blogging opinionists I am now adding 'a Dave thought' to my daily blog, it may offend on occasions but often that is the best way to learn so enjoy!

Also I finished McLaren this morning so if anyone has a recommendation for my daily theology reading I am happy to explore:)

a Jesus thought...
For you are not mindful of the things of God, but the things of men. (Matt 8:33)

a Godly thought...
McClendon says... the practices of humility, compassion, spirituality, and love - which develop only in a community - are more essential to a good and healthy theology, more primal and important than scholarship, logic, and intellect. (p330 McLaren)

a leading thought...
If you have an objective in life, then you want to concentrate on that and not engage in infighting with your enemies. You want to create an atmosphere where you can move everybody towards the goal you have set for yourself. (Nelson Mandela)

a Dave thought...
I have some powerful images still in my mind from visiting Soweto last week. Seeing incredible poverty and need really messes up your world which is a good thing for me, as life is comfortable. But I know many go on mission trips and are exposed to great need and do nothing. Phil Wall, a friend and mentor, thankfully though was not one of those and was so impacted by a young South African girls life that he returned ''to adopt all AIDS orphans' and began HopeHIV ( To see Phil so emtotional as he revisited the site where God had moved him and stirred his heart to action and build this childrens home was moving in itself, but to meet these beautiful children who are AIDS orphans will be a lasting image which will continue to dwell in me.

Lord, continue to move me to action.

Just a thought.


armybarmy said...

Hi - theology - how about the Brengle library and/or Wesley's Plain Account of Christian Perfection?

Daryl Crowden said...

Glad to hear that God is still making you uncomfortable at times. I hope he keeps it up and you continue looking for ways to react to that discomfort.

Daryl Crowden said...
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armybarmy said...

Oh, how about Geoff Webb's new book (with Kalie Webb) - Authentic Fair Dinkum Holiness?