Thursday, July 12, 2007

A threatening Jesus

I am currently in South Africa and God has really opened my eyes to a different world here. On Monday we visited Soweto where 6 million black South Africans live and where there is incredible need. The salvos are doing some fantstic work here but there is always more that can be done. I will post some pictures when I get to a decent tech setup.

Sunday July 8

a Jesus thought...
He has risen just as he said. (Matt 28:6)

a Godly thought...
Jesus threatened people with inclusion; if they were to be excluded, it would be because they refused to accept their acceptance. (p279 McLaren)

a leading thought...
When a starfish ideology can be successfully changed, the results are powerful, so theoretically, trying to change an ideology makes sense. But the process is difficult. (p151 Brafman)

Just a thought.

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Limo said...

Bout time. I've been hangin out for this. Whats with the starfish? Preachin at Rowville on Sunday. I will be encouraging them to attend the Amazing Grace movie. Remember only one new idea per day